Disavowing Bad Links

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phentermine 37.5 buy online uk If you have experienced a decrease in your rankings and traffic since the 2013 Google Hummingbird Algorithm shift – you may have spammy links to blame. All the best SEO work can be undone today with bad links. If you have ever bought “50 links for $50” or used a black hat SEO firm along the way, those links can now damage your site’s credibility. Bad links need to be uncovered, removed or disavowed.badlinks

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http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu2964/ phentermine 37.5 mg online prescription http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu4634/ valium 20 mg erowid Step 1 – Collecting the data lorazepam 1mg buy online Right now we are using various tools to create a complete Link Report that shows all the links that are directed to your site from 3rd party sites.

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http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu4406/ klonopin cheapest lorazepam prescriptions with no membership Step 2 – Audit http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu556/ where to order xanax online We will do a back-link audit to see where are the bad links coming in from and how you can get rid of them. We will filter this down if the domain is “spammy” or toxic. We would recommend removing all of your links from and bad listing.

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http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu356/ order prescription phentermine 37.5 Bad links may include: soma online prescription • Links coming in from poor quality/spammy sites valium 10 buyers • Links from paid posts http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu2120/ buy phentermine with paypal • Links from dead & rotting directories http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu1530/ valium 10mg reviews • Disproportionate anchor text links buy xanax mastercard • Links from blog networks purchase lorazepam uk delivery • Links from irrelevant & ‘untrustworthy’ sites

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http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu1159/ valium without a rx no prescriptions needed for soma Step 4 – Link Removal Process phentermine 37.5 mg buy online Based on the finalized audited report we can form a action plan based on which links to fix and which ones to maintain. http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu2794/ carisoprodol online cheap • You will receive a consolidated link report to approve or disapprove the links http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu2537/ how many 5mg valium to overdose • We will collect contact info of site owners that have the links you want removed and contact the webmaster for a link removal request and follow up with the process. buy soma in vienna • In case of no response/or they demand for payment for the link to be removed, we use Google’s Disavow Tool to disavow links. http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu1929/ online phentermine cod pharmacy • After all link removal process has been completed, we do a link check and compile a report showing which links have been removed and show remaining links.

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http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu3330/ phentermine no script fedex The scrubbing process takes 2-3 weeks to complete. Clean up pricing depends on a number of factors.

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http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu4604/ buy phentermine ireland que es carisoprodol 350 mg listaflex Initial Links Review: $75

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http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu2281/ buy xanax legit You will receive a copy of your links list and can choose to move forward on your own or have us help you get rid of any toxic links.

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http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu385/ buy soma in lincoln http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu2663/ klonopin with next day delivery without prescription with free shipping The average site links clean up is $325

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http://bridgetobhutan.com/clients/weq-1212/sdu151/ buy soma medicine Not every site will need to be cleaned up. A review of your links may uncover no bad links, a few bad links or hundreds of bad links, each site is different. Find out whether you are being penalized by Google for bad links, then you can make a decision whether to clean the list yourself or have the links list professionally scrubbed.

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carisoprodol 350 mg tab parp Please contact Darcy@SEOWebMechanics.com if you would like your site links checked.

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